If you’re poking around this website and especially if you live in the Front Range of Colorado, the OBR ought to be of interest to you. “OBR” stands for Old Bike Ride, a concept originated almost 20 years ago by Bob Ohman as a way to encourage people to actually ride their vintage motorcycles and scooters.

Bob Ohman leading a riders meeting at the Old Bike Ride in 2010.

In the early years Bob organized it among a close group of friends, but it gradually grew in scale to the point that he needed help managing it. Norton Colorado had been including the OBR for several years on their schedule of official events and the club stepped in and offered Bob the logistical support he needed. As the event became larger the original starting location in Denver became awkward and it was moved to Golden, so that the ride could get into the foothills with a minimum of hassle.

The traditional date for the OBR was always the Sunday after Mother’s Day, but sometimes the Rocky Mountain weather made it a very daunting affair. Starting with OBR18 in 2021 the event is being held on the first Sunday after Labor Day (i.e., September 12, 2021). This is expected to be the new schedule, i.e., OBR19 will most likely occur on September 11, 2022. Norton Colorado maintains the authoritative web page with information on the Old Bike Ride, so check there for the latest information or just get in touch with me.

Three days before OBR18, on September 9, 2021, Bob Ohman died after a long illness. The Old Bike Ride will continue, partly as a living memorial to Bob, but also because there are still a lot of people around here who look forward to the opportunity to gather and ride with other enthusiasts beyond their usual circle of friends.