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Moto Morini 175 engine teardown complete

Over the past few days I have completed the disassembly of the engine of the Moto Morini 175GT. Now I’m cleaning things up, inspecting parts and planning what to replace or refurbish. I’ve added a lot of material to the page on that process and created a new page that goes through the details of disassembling the right side. I intend to do these pages for all parts of the engine, but I was not as consistent as I would have liked in taking photos during the teardown, so some of it will be done during re-assembly. Overall I hope you’ll end up with a good understanding of what’s going on inside these engines.

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Starting the build

I’m starting to lay out the structure of the website, and learning how to do basic tasks in WordPress. You won’t find much content yet, but I have added some info about my Ural sidecar rig, the Moto Morini 175GT, my history with Nortons and the amazing Vetter-Wilcox Suzuki project I call “Tsubame”.

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Hello world!

If you’ve ever studied a programming language you probably wrote a “Hello world!” program. I’ve written a lot of things in a variety of formats but this is my first blog post, so I’m getting it out of the way. Now that I’ve written it, though, it strikes me that “Hello world!” is a very 1970s sort of sentiment (for good reason) and maybe a more timely introductory phrase would be something like “Fake News!”. In that spirit, I will say this right up front, and hope that it is unnecessary to repeat it:

Whatever “knowledge” you glean from anything I post here is worth exactly what you paid for it.

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